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This week: China is Marsbound, the space economy might be half as big as you think it is, and Russia cozies up to China.
US private space firms call for more government support to help compete with China, iSpace gets closer to a reusable rocket, and the Kuaizhou-11 crashes…
This week: Baidu and McDonalds show some love for China’s official space program and I’ve got the names of the investment funds I promised you last…
This week we take stock of the funding that Chinese newspace firms have raised and also check back in on OneWeb, the beleaguered satellite company…
Just this morning, China just launched the final satellite of its BeiDou system, China’s answer to GPS, also known as the BeiDou Navigation Satellite…
This week we learn more about developments in China’s southern spaceport of Wenchang, and take a look at a brand new report from Euroconsult.
Hint: it's about defense. Also, BilibiliSat!
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